Resin Bound Driveways & Paths

The Resin Driveways Richmond Resin Bound System in Richmond

Our Resin Bound System is a high quality decorative solution. Combining a natural kiln-dried aggregate with a two-part polymer resin, the mix is then combined in a forced action mixer and then manually trowelled onto a surface (tarmacadam, concrete).

Usually laid to a depth of 12 mm to 25 mm, the exact measurement will vary depending on how the surface area is used. It is usually picked to take care of puddle forming areas and cover other imperfections with a smooth non-slip finish.

This is an excellent solution that requires little maintenance while offering a beautiful stone finish that is aesthetically pleasing and traditional.

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Suitable for:




Pool & spa surrounds


Features & Benefits

Durable and hard-wearing

No loose stones

Excellent anti slip properties

Low maintenance

Clean application

Highly decorative and enhances appearance of surroundings

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Can be brushed, hosed or jet-washed (up to 1.5 bar) to remove direct / debris

Oil / spillages removed with mild detergent and water

Please follow our cleaning and maintanence schedule

Finishes to choose from

Our range of finishes is wide and we’re sure we can offer a striking solution for your garden, pavement or driveway. This is a durable option that is guaranteed to last for years to come while remaining low-maintenance.